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Sculptural Vessels

This gallery includes a few examples from a body of sculptural works that I have recently begun to explore. The impetus for these pieces is rooted in two separate bodies of work I pursued years ago in graduate school.

These sculptural vessel forms are made of unglazed, high-fired porcelain, and range

in height from 17-36 inches. 

Other than simply being visually intriguing, they are intended to function metaphorically on one level, suggesting post-industrial artifact or fossil. This idea is supported by the juxtaposition of the surfacing cog forms with the bone-like white porcelain.  And while the gears or cogs certainly operate as symbols of industry and the churning machine, at the same time they may also allude to the inner workings and mysteries of nature and ourselves.

I am sure at some point I will begin to glaze, salt/soda and wood-fire similar forms, but for now I am enjoying the quiet subtlety of the white porcelain and the integrity of the combined form and texture of the unglazed surface.

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